Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Finally its done

Finally my class 4 multi character assignment is rendered and done.
I am uploading some stills here too and you can always have a look at the animation
on my website http://student.vfs.com/~3d42jim/index.htm

Thanks for stopping by

Class 4 was a great experience , Dave was amazingly cool.
Now I am taking a break for 3 months before starting my short film.


Yavuz said...

looks awesome!!! great lighting and rendering. well done!

Roshan said...

[b] ha ha ...coool. which movie is that dialogue from btw?!

Jim said...

Yavuz,Roshan thnaks a lot. I am trying

daniel huertas said...

i wish i could have a mentor like dave!!! you are very lucky and talented animator ;) keep it up and if you know a forum or website where i can see more of dave burgess please let me know or leave me a message on my site


.daniel huertas.

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