Sunday, March 30, 2008

Whats is going on ?????

SO, whats going on with my blog ????
Where do I start....
In short
I got an job offer in October 2007 to work on the TV series " Clone Wars " at LucasFilm Singapore.
Graduated form ANIMATION MENTOR.
Than I got married in January 2008 in Assam, India, after 8 years of our relationship.
Joined LucasFilm Singapore in January and really happy to be here, working on something I am really proud of and learning form my co animators, they are bunch of great guys.

But I am not really happy about my short film because I still need to finish it. Although I knew that I will not finish my film on time. I had so many things going on in my life. But I think its time again to hit back on my film since I feel I am kind of settled in Singapore.

So hopefully I will be more regular with my post from now on.

I went for " Horton Hears a Who " WOW thats some crazy animation, blew my brains out. Awesome again guys at Blue Sky.


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FinnFactory said...

um...sounds like a good excuse. You doin' awright. best of luck.

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